This step helps you disclose your biodiversity performance..

A key step in your biodiversity mainstreaming journey is communicating with your stakeholders about your biodiversity performance. We define biodiversity disclosure as the process of communicating new biodiversity-related information to stakeholders external to your organisation. Biodiversity disclosure may involve sharing information about your company’s:

  • Biodiversity policy and / or vision;
  • Biodiversity risks and opportunities;
  • Methodology for assessing material biodiversity dependencies and impacts;
  • Biodiversity strategy, including its objectives, action plans, activities, timeframe, key performance indicators, mobilised financial and human resources;
  • Biodiversity dependencies and impacts, including its net impacts on biodiversity ;
  • Revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities associated with its biodiversity dependencies and impacts.
  • Costs and benefits to its stakeholders, both internal and external, associated with its biodiversity dependencies and impacts;
  • Outlook and plans for improvement.

So as to be able to disclose your biodiversity performance in a meaningful way for your stakeholders, we invite you to consult the forthcoming guidance document for this eighth step of our biodiversity mainstreaming guidelines. This should help you:

  • Identify the existing reporting and disclosure avenues, guidelines and standards (e.g. International Financial Reporting Standards, CDP, GRI) which may be used for communication of biodiversity-related information;
  • Identify and synthetize the appropriate information (i.e. types of value, key performance indicators) which may be used for reporting on biodiversity impacts and dependencies according the value perspectives of different stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, non-governmental organisations);
  • Frame your biodiversity disclosure according to the steps of these biodiversity mainstreaming guidelines.

In addition, we are preparing for the launch of the Biodiversity Disclosure Project (BDP). The BDP aims to become a voluntary biodiversity disclosure platform that will provide companies with a practical avenue through which to report annually on their biodiversity performance. The BDP platform will enable standardised and comparable biodiversity performance disclosure by reporting organisations.

Download the new report “Invitation to join the Biodiversity Disclosure Project – A study of the biodiversity performance of South African companies”.

Undertake a self assesment of your biodiversity perfomance.

Many businesses are already on the biodiversity mainstreaming journey. Here is a selection of case studies from various industries.