This step helps you develop a biodiversity strategy.

Once you have developed and agreed on a biodiversity strategy, it is time for the implementation phase. This step may vary according to your business context and might involve different business units and stakeholders. It may require contracting or employing biodiversity specialists as some biodiversity dependencies and impacts require specific knowledge or expertise. So as to be able to implement your biodiversity strategy, we invite you to consult the forthcoming guidance document for this seventh step of our biodiversity mainstreaming guidelines. This should help you identify the broad types of activities that are available for managing the material biodiversity dependencies and / or impacts of various sectors.

Download the new report “Invitation to join the Biodiversity Disclosure Project – A study of the biodiversity performance of South African companies”.

Undertake a self assesment of your biodiversity perfomance.

Many businesses are already on the biodiversity mainstreaming journey. Here is a selection of case studies from various industries.