Monitor and Improve

This step helps you with monitoring and improving your biodiversity performance. .

Biodiversity mainstreaming is an ongoing process of improving the integration of biodiversity into your business strategies and activities. Reaching step nine of our biodiversity mainstreaming guidelines is not an end goal in itself. This means that you may review or re-visit any mainstreaming step, at any appropriate time, as part of your business decision-making and planning process. You may do so, for example, should you wish to align your biodiversity performance outlook towards national or international best practice

Striving for the improvement of your biodiversity performance may involve, for instance:

  • Reviewing your materiality assessment process so as to update or refine your biodiversity priorities (e.g. looking also at the costs and benefits to external stakeholders after focusing only on your company’s bottom line);
  • Expanding the types of biodiversity dependencies and impacts that you measure, value and / or include in your biodiversity policy and strategy (e.g. looking at impacts on non-target species after focusing on the ones that you harvest);
  • Expanding the value chain boundaries for which you measure and value biodiversity dependencies and impacts (e.g. looking at supply chain aspects after focusing on direct operations);
  • By adopting more ambitious objectives and targets as part of your biodiversity strategy (e.g. adopting no-net-loss targets after focusing on impact avoidance and minimisation);
  • By working with new stakeholders or partners in implementing your biodiversity strategy (e.g. working with all your suppliers on biodiversity mainstreaming after focusing on the top five in terms of volumes of materials purchased).

So as to be able to monitor and improve your biodiversity performance, we invite you to consult the forthcoming guidance document for this ninth step of our biodiversity mainstreaming guidelines. This should help you:

  • Identify and adopt appropriate key performance indicators to monitor the inputs, outcomes and impacts of your biodiversity strategy, at different scales (site, project, organisation);
  • Identify practical avenues for improvement across all previous steps of our biodiversity mainstreaming guidelines.

Download the new report “Invitation to join the Biodiversity Disclosure Project – A study of the biodiversity performance of South African companies”.

Undertake a self-assessment of your biodiversity performance.

Many businesses are already on the biodiversity mainstreaming journey. Here is a selection of case studies from various industries.